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Everything You Need to Know About APS.

A green grassy location. In the background, there are two people's legs from the knee down standing and two wheels of a wheelchair. In the foreground, there is a red wagon with grey foam blocks attached. On top of the foam blocks there is a red kayak with "current design" written on the side. In front of the wagon two blue outriggers are laying in the grass, as well as a folded-up steel bench

What is Adaptive Paddling?

A creative process of making a kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard or other manual vessel usable for all abilities. This could be offering a solution for transfers from a wheelchair to a kayak, or outriggers for stabilizing.

Who We Are

Adaptive Paddling Solutions is a group of paddlers who want to share their love of paddling. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the natural serenity that being on the water can bring.


Our Reason to Be

Many people with disabilities want to participate in paddling as a recreational sport, but there are barriers. We aim to help remove those barriers, whether they are physical, intellectual, institutional or spiritual. While we can't remove them all, we will do our best to explore solutions that help people enjoy being on the water.

Adaptive Paddling Solutions has the potential to create and build relationships among paddlers, volunteers, manufacturers, sponsors and inventors. We can provide our services to organizations, municipalities, businesses, non-profit societies, individuals, social enterprises and others to encourage and promote safe, adaptive paddling for all.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

To empower communities by providing the instruction, tools and resources required to promote adaptive paddling and inclusion.

Our Values

• Community Connection
• Diversity & Inclusion

• Contribution
• Commitment
• Creativity
• Generosity
• Sharing

Our Vision

To create the “How To” and the “Will Be Able to.”
To inspire an open, interactive, inclusive, and supportive community.
To build accessible opportunities for anyone to paddle safely and enjoyably.

Our Members

A photo of Karen outside on a sunny day. She has Blondish brown hair and a big smile. she is wearing a light blue top and sunglasses. Behind her are a yellow kayak and a green canoe, and, and she is holding a trophy.

Karen Fowler



I love the peace and calm that floating on the water brings and going places that you can't get to by land. I'm a Registered Nurse of 38 years, and my philosophy of nursing has always been that people can accomplish their goals with the right skills and support. Being outdoors is something so many of us take for granted. I hope for anyone who dreams of floating on the water to be able to do that. Over the last 12 years of working for the Nova Scotia Disability Support Program with the Department of Community Services, I had the privilege of collaborating with individuals, their families and community resources so that they can feel they live meaningful and inclusive lives. I recently challenged myself physically and emotionally to complete the Paddle Canada SeaKayak Level 2. My motivation? To feel what it is like to face and conquer my barriers. My Goal? To feel more confident to share the fun paddling experience with others safely. UNBUNTU: I am because you are.

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