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Adaptive Paddling Instruction.

Just Like Paddling,
Our Instructional Course is for Everyone.

Parks, Rec, and Municipalities

Some parks have Accessible or Mobi Mats, others have easy docking. Gradually, places are becoming more inclusive. It is great to see these improvements, but much remains to be done. Adaptive instruction and solutions can help continue to move communities in the right direction.

Paddling Clubs and Businesses

Expand your business's clientele and enrich their paddling experience with

adaptive solutions for your staff and volunteers. It can be a great way to increase your organization's inclusivity and accessibility.

Individuals and Families

If you or a family member want to experience all that paddling has to offer but are facing barriers to access, it can be hard to know where to start. You may just need some information, equipment, or a bit of encouragement to make it happen. We are here to help.

Paddling with a disability or diverse ability could sound like hard work, but it should not stop anyone from learning and enjoying something new on the water. 

Anybody who could not usually manage the vessel can do it safely with the right adaptations and customizations; and we can help.


Adaptations might be made for chronic-pain, limited mobility/flexibility, mental health challenges, or other differences such as seeing, hearing, memory, learning, or developmental disabilities.

Our online instruction is coming, check back soon

Until then, stay connected through the Blog, Facebook page, and Mailing list.

Disclaimer: We are not able to provide adaptations for every barrier, as safety must always be a priority.  Example: Every boat or SUP has a maximum weight capacity. In cases like this your equipment would need to have been manufactured with the specifications to accommodate your difference, as opposed to adapted. Example: a kayak with a more inclusive weight limit. 

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